Monthly Meetings

Due to COVID-19 and the closing of the Rolling Meadows Library (our normal meeting place), we do not know when our next in-person chapter meeting will be.  Our March 21 and April 11 meetings were cancelled. We conducted our May and June meetings via Zoom.  Our weekly in-person crochet study groups are cancelled until further notice.  Stay safe, stay home, and happy crocheting.



2020 Monthly Meeting Dates
Jan. 11, Feb. 8, Mar. 21*, Apr. 11, May 9, June 13, July 18*, Aug. 8, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 21*, Dec. 12.

* = third Saturday.. Our meetings are generally held on the second Saturday of the month, except for those indicated by asterisk.

Meeting place: Rolling Meadows Library, 3110 Martin Ln, Rolling Meadows
Meeting time:  1:30 to 4:30 pm, unless time change noted below.

January 11

Our January 11, 2020 meeting was cancelled due to the winter storms in the area.

February 8

Yarn Exchange & Program Planning for Year.
Diane Passarelli organized our chapter’s annual Yarn Exchange. Members brought yarn they no longer wanted, and went home with “new” yarn. It was suggested that members may bring yarn that they want to re-home throughout the year, rather than wait for the Yarn Exchange.

We also planned our educational programs for our 2020 monthly meetings.

March 21*

Our annual Crochet Showcase was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

April 11

Our April meeting was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

May 9

We held our first Zoom meeting.  After a brief business meeting, members participated in Show and Tell.

June 13

We held our second Zoom meeting. Corner-to-Corner Graphghan was taught by Pattie Aaron, assisted by Sally Bassett. Learn how to use corner-to-corner crochet and graph-ghan charts to make your own custom designed afghans.

July 18*

Tunisian Plus hat by Pia Thadani. Pia will teach us how to combine Tunisian and standard crochet to make a hat with a lovely basketweave design. Thank you Pia for sharing your design with us.

August 8

Annual Dana Kahan Benjamin Chapter Challenge: Use 100 grams or less of yarn, and your own pattern to make a crocheted item.
Treasures Show and Tell: Bring a crochet treasure and tell its history and significance to you.

September 12

Double-Ended Tunisian by Karen Navoy. Karen will show us how to create a reversible crochet fabric using a double-ended crochet hook.

October 10

Pineapples by Sharon DeCaro. Sharon will teach us about the many lovely crocheted pineapple patterns.

We will also have our President’s Challenge (details to be announced).

November 21*

Health Benefits and Community Crochet by Deb Deitke. Deb will share information about the health benefits of crochet. Deb will also talk about the various charities that welcome donations of crocheted items. Learn how you can improve your health, while helping others.

We will also have our annual Pattern Exchange. Bring original patterns (no photocopies). For example, a book, magazine or leaflet that you purchased, or a free pattern leaflet from a store.

December 12

Holiday Party and Gift Exchange.